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The Desperate Plight of the Orange-bellied Parrot

This timely documentary by photographer David Neilson tells the story of this critically endangered bird and the efforts by a number of people to save this species from extinction. There are less than 30 of these beautiful small parrots living in the wild. They breed over the summer at Port Davey in South West Tasmania and then cross Bass Strait to spend the winter on the mainland coast. Filming from close quarters has enabled various aspects of the Orange-bellied Parrot’s behaviour to be shown on film for the first time. Scientists working on the recovery efforts are interviewed along with footage of their field work. The future prospects of this species so close to the edge of extinction are also canvassed.

Filmed, edited and narrated by David Neilson.
With assistance from Karen Alexander.
Sound design and mix by Markus Kellow.
Duration 56 minutes.




The film was launched by Bob Brown at the State Cinema in Hobart in November 2017

This was followed by two screenings at the Cinema Nova in Carlton in February 2018. These screenings were part of the 2018 National Sustainable Living Festival.

There have been two screenings at the Pivotonian Cinema in Geelong in March and May, a screening in Healesville in early June and in late April the film was shown on King Island as part of Wings on King. There have also been screenings at Port Fairy, Woodend, Scottsdale, Yarram and Bruny Island.


As of 1/11/2018 a total of $3500 has been donated to ANU Difficult Bird Research Group, Birdlife Australia and Friends of Orange-bellied Parrot


There will be a screening in Bendigo on 8 May 2019

See below for details

For further information about this screening please email

David Neilson at dneilson@snowgumpress.com.au



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