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By David Neilson


This superb book of photographs features one of Australia's major national parks. Sixty large format images portray the beautiful coastal scenery of the Promontory and Sealers Cove, Waterloo Bay, Five Mile Beach, Whisky Bay and Squeaky Beach are among the areas covered. The text includes a short history of the campaign to reserve Wilsons Promontory as a national park.
This book won the 1996 Galley Club Award for Excellence in Book Production and Manufacture.

The second edition, published in November 2001 has a redesigned front cover and minor updates to the text.

Soft cover and hard cover, 300mm x 300mm, 72 pages, 60 large format colour photos.

Hardcover ISBN 0958575363. Softcover ISBN 0958575355

Hard cover: $65 including postage within Australia
Soft cover: $49 including postage within Australia


"This superbly produced volume is a celebration of Australian landscape photography which just happens to document the magnificent Wilsons Promontory coastal national park ... David Neilson had some good subject matter to work with but his images are quite stunning in terms of their composition, colour and contrast ... Maximum use is made of the book's large format so the photographs are displayed in all their glory ... Like many before him , David Neilson has created photographs which serve as a strong argument for the preservation of a priceless wilderness area."

Paul Burrows, ProPhoto Magazine


"Through its stunning pictures, this book reveals the power and fragility of the Australian landscape."

Kate Lowe, Australian Museum

"Victorian photographer David Neilson visits all four corners of Victoria's oldest national park and creates extraordinary pictures"

Simon Plant, Herald Sun

"The standards of design and production are outstanding"

Chris Baxter, Wild Magazine

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