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Photography by David Neilson

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SOUTHERN LIGHT: Images from Antarctica

An exhibition of black and white photos by David Neilson

Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery GASWORKS ARTS PARK

21 Graham Street, Albert Park, Vic 3206

Tuesday 13 Feb. to Sunday 10 Mch. 2024 Open daily 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Launch event: Saturday 17 February, 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Guest speaker: Fine Art Photographer David Tatnall

Prints at the exhibition will be for sale



This exhibition of black & white images from Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic is the result of six journeys made by Melbourne photographer and conservationist David Neilson. This lengthy period of time enabled him to take full advantage of the exceptional clarity of the polar light and he caught rare images of luminous ice-fields, glaciers and icebergs along with the diverse wildlife of this southernmost realm.

David Neilson first visited the Antarctic to take photographs for the Australian Conservation Foundation. He has received two Antarctic Arts Fellowships from the Australian Government and his Antarctic images have been reproduced in the widely acclaimed book Southern Light: Images from Antarctica. He was recently one of four Arts Fellows to be featured on a set of Australia Post stamps.

Global warming is having a significant impact on Antarctica. It is melting at an average rate of 150 billion tons of ice per year and the Southern Ocean is getting warmer. These changes are having a major impact on the wildlife of the continent and surrounding seas. Whilst it is difficult for still photos to convey the magnitude of these changes they can remind us of what will be lost if this melting continues and possibly accelerates.








"Magnificent is not a word I tend to throw around lightly, but it's hard to find a more apt word to describe David Neilson's latest book. David has spent a lifetime chasing, as the title says, "the mountain light." He's travelled the planet on his quest and this book captures the very best of the fruits of his labours; more than 150 landscape and wildlife images, all processed superbly, to create one of the most stunning coffee table books I've ever seen."

JAMES McCORMACK –– WILD magazine Editor

"This book is simply fabulous. It is the greatest delight to have it on your lap and you need to it's so big and to turn it around, but it needs to be big to allow us into the space that David was in when he took these photographs. What is so wonderful about this book is that it is also a biography. And it's beautifully written, and it takes you right into the places in the world that you can only dream about going to."

BOB BROWN –– former Australian Greens Senator


"Southern Light is a blast of beauty. Neilson spreads before us myriad majestic peaks and icy plains in images that seem lit from within. His animal closeups are latter-day Audubons – exquisitely observed portraits brimming with character. A love letter in the form of a coffee-table book"

REBECCA P. SINKLER – The New York Times Book Review

"This is Antarctica as you have never seen it. A truly great photographic record of the continent. It offers images that are deeply personal and far beyond the usual photographic cliches."

BRUCE ELDER – Sydney Morning Herald


"Neilson was in Patagonia with a photographer's eye, and we are treated to photos that are crafted, taken with a photographer's patience and tenacity to find that perfect perspective and moment."

MICHAEL BEARZI – American Alpine Journal

"His photographs of the mountains, glaciers, volcanoes and waterfalls, with vistas like those over Hyatt Sound are impossibly beautiful, as though the Valhalla of the gods really existed."

ROSEMARY SORENSEN – The Brisbane Courier-Mail


"This superbly produced volume is a celebration of Australian landscape photography which documents the magnificent Wilsons Promontory national park. David Neilson had some good subject matter to work with but his images are quite stunning in terms of their composition, colour and contrast. Maximum use is made of the book's large format so the photographs are displayed in all their glory. His images serve as a strong argument for the preservation of a priceless wilderness area."

PAUL BURROWS– ProPhoto Magazine



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